What They’re Saying About Us


A move into a long-term care community is not something most people plan. Suddenly, you or your loved one are in crisis. You are in the deep end of the pool struggling not to go under.

For three years, through the worst of the COVID pandemic, my wife was shuffled through facilities which were old, poorly designed, not well maintained and the philosophies embraced both physical and chemical restraints of residents. While the staff were generally kind and caring they were very limited in what they could do.

In August 2022, my wife was moved to Citadel Care Centre and we were finally out of the deep end. From the initial pre move in tour with Diane, the social worker, I knew we were in a very different world. The warmth and compassion of the staff was overwhelming. The physical restraints were gone and Dr. Mair and the nursing staff actively try to reduce and improve on medications.

While the building and the setting are beautiful it is the caring and kindness of the staff that makes Citadel such an amazing place. I visit often, and quietly observe the way staff treat and interact with residents and each other. While they have busy very difficult jobs to do, they take the time to be friendly and caring and treat the residents and each other with respect.

Questions about my wife’s care are explained openly and completely, usually before I know anything has changed. I know her condition will continue to deteriorate but she is happy and I know she is very well cared for, respected, and loved. I am pleased that Citadel will be her home for the rest of her life. Thank you all for what you do in such a very special way.

– Doug Murphy

My mother has been a resident of Citadel Care Centre since August 2022. She was warmly welcomed by the staff on the day she arrived. I was impressed by the gentleness of the nurse{Lisa} as we were getting her settled in. I have been so happy with the care Mom has received from all the staff in her neighbourhood (Inland Bay) and the support staff as well. They have all been kind, caring, gentle and understanding when dealing with my mother, who can be challenging and feisty at times. I have always appreciated the updates about her care from both Dr. W. Mair and the staff. I feel like they genuinely care about my mother and the other residents.

My mother has enjoyed several of the activities that have been provided over the past 15 months especially the musical and singing entertainers. The petting zoo was a huge hit with my mother. The recreational staff have provided many excellent and fun activities and entertainment for the residents. They are very good about encouraging the residents to participate in the daily activities.

The occupational and physical therapy staff have been awesome about making sure my mother has received the proper care with regard to her being in a wheelchair. They have answered my questions and concerns in a timely manner and have ensured my mother is in a proper well fitted wheelchair to suit her needs.

To say that I love all the staff at Citadel Care Centre is an understatement. I appreciate everything they do for not just my mother but for all the residents. I have often said to the desk staff and the health care aides that I trust them completely and value their expertise when dealing with my mother.

The building is well maintained and clean. It is always decorated for all the various seasons, holidays etc. and is always warm and welcoming. Family members have commented about how lovely the facility is and how fortunate my mother is to live there.

My sincerest gratitude and appreciation goes out to all the staff of Citadel Care Centre.

– DeNae Matwijiw

I have to let you know just how happy we are about my Mom’s treatment at her forever home, Citadel Care Centre!

My Mom was welcomed with a warm greeting & open arms, as if she was a long lost friend.

She truly looks peaceful and happy, which seems to be a direct result of the positive energy and pleasant attitude of all of her caregivers!

The environment is nurturing with attention to simple homey details such as soothing wall colors, curtains, games, plants and windows.

I have noticed a big difference for the better in my Mom’s demeanor and she has taken easily to the staff and her new home. She is eating well and on her own, so the food must be good!

( These seem like small things to be appreciative of, but she has spent a year in another facility, and I do say “facility” where such simple emotional courtesies were void and missing from her daily life, which I sadly watched take its toll on her. )

It’s like you watered the little flower so she can bloom again!

I also appreciate very much, the communication from the staff updating me on my Mom’s health issues and the course of action that is being taken and then once the issue is resolved.

It is such a relief to witness & know how well my Mom is being cared for.

Dr. Neuls took the time to call and talked with me about all of his observations and answered my questions in a kind & courteous, empathetic manner.

Thank you all for taking such care in providing a “home” for our elders.

– M Wicker

I feel safe and comfortable at all hours. The staff support is terrifically pleasant. My voice is heard and is supported. The entertainment is awesome. Bingo is always something I look forward to. Other residents in the neighborhood are friendly and pleasant. The food is always plentiful and tasty.

– Darlene

On June 21st 2023, my Mom and I had our first tour of the Citadel Care Center, as we were searching for a new home for my Dad. My Dad, Bert McGinnis, suffered a stroke in March of this year.

As a family we are incredibly grateful that Dad is still with us, but it was apparent very early on this journey that Dad would need care that we could not provide.

When I joined my Mom for the tour of the Citadel, we were met very warmly by Diane, and she immediately helped us feel comfortable as we learned more about the facility. We were very pleased to see how the entire facility has been designed to make the residents lives as enjoyable as possible.

In August we had very good news from Dana Schnepf, the Director of Care. Dana informed us that Dad could join the Citadel community, and we knew that our search for Dad’s new home was over.

Dad has been very glad to find his new home at the Citadel and appreciates the wonderful care he is receiving every day. Our entire family echoes his sentiments, we are thrilled with his care and progress. We look forward to Dad continuing to embrace his new home, and greatly appreciate the entire team who help this happen.

We cannot adequately put into words how grateful we are as a family to know that Dad is safe and cared for every day by the excellent team at the Citadel Care Center.

Thank you,

– Elliott McGinnis

I feel very safe and comfortable being here. The staff support is phenomenal, getting ready for the morning is the highlight. My voice is always being heard when I need help. I always look forward to entertainment. My family is always welcomed with a smile.

– Jim

Our Dad has been a resident at The Citadel Care Centre for 6 1⁄2 years. While living out his life in long-term care would have been the last choice that he would have made for himself, as a family we have no doubt that we could not have made a better choice for him than The Citadel. There is no question in our mind that his longevity and happiness and continued general good health is thanks to the excellent care and attention that he has been receiving at The Citadel.

While no community living situation can ever be perfect, we feel that The Citadel has always gone above and beyond to make his (and our) experiences there the best that they can possibly be. He has been treated with kindness and respect by all levels of staff and care workers while he’s been there. Any concerns that we’ve had, small or large, have been dealt with swiftly and professionally.

The day-to-day care that Dad receives from the Health Care Aides is worth a special note. We have noticed and very much appreciated that the HCAs go out of their way to ensure that all the little details that are so particular and so important to Dad are respected. It’s quite touching to watch them care for him and see them ensure that his particular eccentricities are always attended to. And so many times they also go out of their way to connect with him on levels that remind him (and us) that although he is aging and growing more infirmed, he is still an individual deserving of love, care, attention and respect.

As a family, we always take note of the fact that surprise inspections at the Citadel always yield outstanding results. And in particular, during the early days of the pandemic, we often commented that the rest of the province should have been taking lessons from The Citadel for the way everything was handled. Compared to many other situations that we heard about, we felt extremely lucky that Dad was at The Citadel during that difficult time!

Without any reservation, we fully recommend The Citadel Care Centre for your loved one.

– The A.M. Family

Citadel is easy for our family to recommend because of their beautiful facility, variety of activities for residents and above all, their very kind and empathetic staff. We love their philosophy of getting to know residents. It has helped our aunt feel loved and at home. We see evidence of this whenever we visit…pictures on the walls of our aunt participating in events, pretty hair-dos and painted nails, and lots of hugs and contact from staff. We’ve also noticed special little items that they’ve gifted her – pretty hair clips, a beaded bracelet…. They really do treat residents like extended family and it comforts us to know she’s in good hands when we can’t be there. Finally, I must compliment the Citadel for the excellent manner in which they keep me informed of my aunt’s health, day-to-day needs and any significant events or changes in her care or condition.

– Mathew

My 94 year-old father has been a resident in the Grasslands’ neighborhood of The Citadel for almost two years. I know that he is safe and well taken care of by the healthcare attendants, on site social worker and the rest of the staff who I can confirm truly care not only about his physical, but also his emotional and social wellbeing.

This was borne out not only in the way The Citadel has managed its response to the Covid pandemic and Alberta Health restrictions, but also when a fire destroyed a neighbouring building which necessitated the evacuation of all Citadel residents. Staff worked tirelessly to move the residents to a safe location, ensure medical care and liaise with AHS to find over 130 beds in “the system” to temporarily place residents.

My father has said to me on more than one occasion, “At this stage of life, I couldn’t have it any better.

– Peter S

My Mom’s move to Citadel Care Centre in Feb 2020 has been very positive for both her and our family.

In spite of the pandemic lockdown happening just three weeks after her arrival, her care has been exemplary. Citadel staff helped her transition and continue to provide meaningful & appropriate care & support for her mental & physical well-being.
It’s comforting to everyone in Mom’s family that her best interests appear to always be taken into consideration. From management to those directly involved in her daily care, the staff have been approachable, caring & compassionate. For this, we are truly grateful.

– Lorrette B.