Strategic Planning and Funding

Planning For The Future, Today

Citadel Care Centre 2024-2029 Strategic Plan

At Citadel Care Centre we continue to strive to provide the best care possible to our residents through the adoption of best practices and innovation. In order to achieve our goals, we rely on appropriate funding.  Our strategic plan for the next five years has eight goals and priorities:

  • To prioritize resident care, safety, and quality of life above all
  • Embrace new ideas, innovations, and technology
  • Attract, train, and retain a strong workforce
  • Manage money wisely
  • Enhance our physical spaces
  • Strengthen relationships with community partners
  • Promote equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Support mental health

How is Citadel Care Centre Funded?

We are funded via the following sources:  77.4% Alberta Health Services, 22.3% Resident Charges, 0.1% Donations, and 0.2% through other sources such as grants.

How are Citadel Care Centre Funds Allocated?

Funding is allocated to the following:  74.2% Staffing Wages and Benefits, 7.0% Nursing Supplies, 5.2% Building Maintenance, 4.8% Food Costs, 0.9% Laundry and Housekeeping, and 7.9% to Other Costs such as Recreation, Rehabilitation Supplies, Equipment, etc.